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As a Globally Certified Designer, Stylist, and Planner, I help busy professionals and sophisticated couples plan one of a kind, exceptional events through impeccable attention to detail, exclusive partnerships, and extraordinary customer service, creating a profound and unforgettable experience you and your guests will reminisce on for decades to come!

Whether you just said YES! and you know you don’t have time to adopt another full-time job (salary not included) or you have literally been dreaming up your wedding day since you were a little girl and just need a professional to tie all your thoughts and plans together with a bow. Wherever you are, I would love to be a part of your journey!

“There is truly nothing more important to me than to build my couples genuine trust, go above and beyond, meticulously craft every single detail of every single event and then brush it out with a fine-tooth comb. My couples ARE the HEART of Betty Jane and CO.”

Betsy; CEO and Founder
East Coast Wedding Planner

We are basically a perfect match if…

  • You crave a wedding experience you and your husband to be look back on and say “I am DYING to re live our Wedding Day! Can we get married again so we can do this all over again and again?”
  • You aren’t afraid of a good “what if” scenario when it comes to creativity, aesthetic, and design. The most beautiful things most often come when least expected.
  • You want this season of life to be one you cherish, find joy in, and avoid stress at all costs. You know this time will fly by and you want to spend your time living the bride to be life to the MAX!
  • You value sentiments, personal details, special touches and want to look back on your day and remember all the elements that made your day, YOU!
  • You are a busy professional and do not have time for another full-time job. Even if you did, your time is more valuable than the 2000 meticulous micro details that are calling.
  • You have been dreaming of your wedding day since you were a little girl, have a ton of ideas, and enjoy the thrill of planning. BUT! How are you supposed to tie it all together and execute WHILE you get married??

The Mission Behind the Brand?

To enrich heartfelt couples with a seamless wedding experience tailored to the wedding of their dreams.

Wanna get to know more about Betsy?

  • Music is my soul food and Michael Jackson is my favorite artist of all time! Anything with a beat I can bop or belt out and I am IN!!
  • I have a weird love for black olives. My husband puts them in my stocking every year..
  • The infamous red hat is actually part of the family! She has been around for many many Derby days and brings out my true love for vintage fashion.
  • My family literally has a book of “Betsyisms” compiled of all of my weird and silly quirks I have done throughout my life. It really is that many and they are most definitely embarrassing moments.
  • I am a firm believer that one glass of wine a day, makes life a better place! 😉
  • I have a zoo of animals at home, and they are all my BABIES! Harley, Hugo, Batman, and Robin. (Yes, these are all DC Comic Characters).
Detail Shot of Florals, Perfume, Rings, and Earings



(YEP! Do you wanna go do karate in the garage??)

Globally Certified Wedding Professional

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When I am not cultivating wedding dreams, you can find me loving on these guys!

East Coast Wedding Planner

My handsome and incredible husband

East Coast Wedding Planner

Harley and Hugo

East Coast Wedding Planner

My precious nieces

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