story driven design paired with exquisite customer service


Elevating moments and enriching lives for you and each of your guests is our bread and butter.

Through the blend of tailored experiences, heartfelt client-centric care, and an unwavering dedication to precision, we are committed to you at every stepping stone throughout your jouney.

As your trusted guide, you can always count on expert guidance, top of the line vendor partnerships, and innovative designs to ensure your story is told exactly how you envisioined. 

Your story told your way

With decades of expertise in client experience, robust operational management, and an unwavering commitment to growth and education, we excel at listening to what is important to you (and what's not).
We weave this understanding through a planning journey and guest experience that is intentional and sought after so that your celebration is truly once in a lifetime!

Renowned for Delivering Unmatched Five-Star Experiences

- Leston

"Betsy put our vision and interests
front and center."

we prioritze Delivering excellence through a tailored approach because we understand there are no do-overs

Through our dedicated approach and profound care, we get to know our clients intentionally allowing us to be their guiding light from the very moment we begin our journey together.

We draw inspiration from your life’s narrative and blend it seamlessly into a tailored experience and an event so effortlessly you; A celebration you and your guests will reminisce on for decades to come! 

Molding your experience into an everlasting legacy through a heart centered commitment

Collaboration is one of the golden keys to sucess when curating a flawless event. 
Tapping into the minds and creativity of superb vendor partners worldwide allows you to gain forwad facing innovation and collaboration, resulting in a true one of a kind celerbation. 

top of the line partners to bring you the best of the best


lavish parties curated through intentional design 

Keeping in mind that every event should be a unique representation of the client we are serving, we place a strong emphasis on thoughtful design that captivates every guest in the room and commands attention. 
By working through through the five senses and a tailored-to-you approach, we ensure a top notch celebration, everytime.


We believe that you deserve nothing less than a premium five star customer service from the initial touchpoint to post event. 
We approach your event experience as a conciegre white glove service with you and your values at the top of our minds, always. 

Superior service

OUr clients are why we do what we do

Betty Jane and CO is renowned for the heartfelt connection and high touch affluent experience we gurantee when you hire us. 

Our vendor partners and clients often refer to us as the breath of fresh air and light in our market that guides them through what can be a mundane, stressful, and tedious process.

It is our mission to ensure you feel joy, warmth, and a peice of home from our initial interaction and every step that follows after. 

Setting Ourselves Apart: A Closer Look at Our Unique Approach

As a globally certified planner, stylist, and designer Betsy is the visionary and event planning expert. With a deep passion for people, joy, and creating remarkable events for her clients she always holds the clients values and vision at the core at everything she does.

Betsy intentionally takes a limited number of clientelle on a yearly basis to ensure every client recieves the white glove service they deserve. 

Betsy Renehan
Founder and Creative Director

The master of all things orginization and efficiency, Haley supports the back end of our day to day business.

Haley's prime focus is on the behind the scenes of our operations to ensure Betsy can give her dedicated attention to each and every event that our clients trust us with.

Haley Gentry
Business Operations Manager

some fun facts behind the brand because human connection matters

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Music and dancing make the world a better place.
Anything with a beat to bop or song to belt out, it's guranteed Betsy will be rocking with an air mic and air guitar. You will always have a hype girl to keep your dance floor packed and party pumping.
And if Michael Jackson is your jam...well, it's time for us to head to Karaoke. 



Betsy believes family is absolutley everything.
Her dear husband and twin daughters keep her motivated to serve clients in the most heartfelt way.
Celebrating the union of clients and celebrations of life's most special events brings tears of joy, knowing we play such a small role in a legacy that will live on in your families life forever.     



Red wine, McDonald's double cheeseburgers, and black olives are my soul food. 
Don't be suprised if you see Betsy in  the late night McDonalds drive-thru after celebrating your event as her way of winding down for the day. 

P.S. One glass of Wine a Day keeps the doctor away ;)



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