3 things engaged couples getting married should do first.

Yay!! You’re engaged! 

First and foremost, a huge and heartfelt congratulations to you and your fiancé on your engagement. Isn’t this the best time EVER? I hope you have popped the champagne and embraced the special moments of being a fiancé!!

Getting engaged to your forever partner is such a wonderful and exciting milestone! And might I add, planning a wedding is SO MUCH FUN! 

 At the same time with all the fun and excitement, you’re probably hearing all kinds of questions you probably don’t have the answer to quite yet, and hello, you just want to soak in this feeling! 🥰

If you are asking yourself, “I’m engaged, now what?”, I am here to help! Once you’ve had a chance to celebrate and bask in the joy for a bit; here are three conversation topics to have with your fiancé to get you started on the right foot! ✨

I'm engaged, now what? Pop the bubbly!

Have an open discussion with your partner about key wedding planning decisions.

Communication is key here. The first step in the planning journey is to sit down and have an intentional conversation about three key wedding planning topics. First, who is involved in the decision-making process? 

As a natural part of the process of planning your wedding, you will be faced with countless decisions to be made. Where will the wedding be? Do you have your date? How many people are you inviting? Are you inviting children? How do you want your day to look? So so many questions! 

As you begin to think of all the initial considerations, you will also want to establish your financial comfort. Aka your wedding budget or your wedding investment. It is important to talk to any key stakeholders, such as parents or grandparents, to gather their thoughts on contribution. Their support plus your investment will create your overall budget and allow you to begin booking your vendors. 

Lastly, but not any less important… Talk with your fiancé about your top priorities for the wedding day. Perhaps your top priorities are photography/videography related… or maybe it’s having a live band. No matter what your priorities are, it’s important to keep in mind the must-haves as you begin to work through your budget and plan your wedding day. It is also imperative to think through these together and balance them both into the wedding. 

Bride and Groom walking into wedding reception

Hire a wedding planner.

You have probably realized by now; your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life! I genuinely believe you should be able to enjoy your special day AND the journey you are on to get there! Like your engagement, your wedding day happens once, and it will be over in the blink of an eye! It is so easy to get lost in the mundane and minuscule details of planning and lose the joy that started it all, to begin with. It has been said that wedding planners are worth their weight in gold as far as the value they provide to their couples. So why not hire someone who will allow the entire planning process to be as happy and enjoyable as the day you said Yes? 

A wedding planner is there to act as your trusted guide in the decision-making process based on your priorities and budget. They are there to help the creative juices flow when you are in a Pinterest brain block. Planners help you mediate between different opinions throughout the process; trust me you will thank me later on this one as you begin receiving unsolicited Wedding opinions. Plus, and very importantly, wedding planners allow you to be fully present on the wedding day, without having to enlist the help of your wedding party or your family!! If your adored Wedding Cake is smashed in transit (an actual real-life wedding situation), your Wedding Planner can help save the day, without you as the couple having any idea something went awry, while you are still able to have the cake smash moment you’ve always wanted.   

Wedding planner bustling Brides Wedding Gown

Determine your VIPs and ensure they can attend on your ideal wedding date at your preferred location.

Next up is to determine your VIPS – your loved ones you can’t imagine your wedding day without. Check with them to ensure they can attend on your ideal wedding date at your preferred location! People are busy and often your guests are spending money to celebrate you! Never just assume their attendance. If it is important to you for someone to be there, then you should absolutely check with them on their availability. 

Wedding planning can quickly pile up and feel overwhelming quickly. When this is the case, it is so valuable to stop and go back to where it all started. Take a moment to breathe before diving in again. You won’t get this time or these special moments back, so smell the roses, drink the champagne, and hire a wedding planner 😉 to help save you time, money, and stress from the initial interaction all the way to post Wedding thank you notes. Reach out on this form if you would like to work together to plan your dream wedding day!