Wedding Planning; Your Second Full Time Job

Did you know when you said your happiest yes ever, you simultaneously also signed up for your 2nd full-time job?

A 2nd full-time job that doesn’t pay you anything, but instead you are paying it?

Okay, I am 100% not trying to scare you ~ Planning your wedding is truly such an exciting and incredible time!! Trying on all the dress styles you have your eye on, picking out the most special way to ask your bridesmaids, or thinking about what cake flavor you can’t live without. It is all!!! 

There are some things, on the other hand, that are not! 

Ya know, all of the decisions, the questionnaires, the zoom calls, the decisions, the mundane details, the budgets, the contracts, the prep, the execution, and did I mention, the decisions! 

When you are putting in 40-50+ hours a week at your day job, just to come home and give the little free time you do have into planning your wedding, it can easily become a very exhausting feat. 

This time should be a season to bask in, not stress, and work in. 

Not to mention, you don’t want your dream wedding getting “second leftovers” of your time and energy, because your plate is too full.

Dive in below to learn more about how hiring a professional wedding planner can ease the overwhelm and allow you to truly soak in this engagement journey. 

1) Creative and forward lead design –  Vs the already done 100 times boho wedding vibe and the feeling of defeat or exhaustion from racking your brain on how you will make your wedding stand out. When you turn to Pinterest, you turn to the already thought of, already created, already executed wedding content. All of the weddings you see are just that, weddings you see. They are in the past and already done. The forward lead design approach allows you to stand out of the wedding crowd and lead with something that has never been done before. A wedding designer is also just that, a wedding designer. Trust the process of their education, expertise, network, capabilities, and ideas and you will be pleasantly surprised at what flows from their imagination to your dream wedding day and you are not left feeling drained from all of the possible what if color scenarios, but instead delighted when you walk into your reception space for the first time on Wedding Day. 

2) Understanding the puzzle – as a professional planner, knowing the process and what is executed when is pretty much the golden ticket to a successful and seamless wedding planning journey. Certain elements of the planning journey flow in and around one another and unless you do this for a living, you have a lot of trial and error before you succeed. You don’t want to get ahead of yourself and skip imperative decisions out of excitement or overwhelm. A wedding planner’s role is purely to keep the puzzle in play, from an unemotional state, keeping everything on track in the planning process, and not skipping a beat no matter what the journey throws your way. 

3) Time is money – Time-consuming and extensive questionnaires, 1000 minuscule & mundane details, the not so pretty but imperative to do’s behind the wedding planning journey. When you hire vendors you are hiring a dream team for your wedding day who come together to execute your day flawlessly. While as exciting as this is~ they don’t just wave their magic wand and know what your wildest wedding dreams are. Instead~ These vendors, 9 times out of 10, will require you to fill out a questionnaire or document of some sort specific to your wedding priorities and desires. These questionnaires are brutal. I’m serious. Like, at times, 10-page documents, often with the same questions you have now answered 20 times and you are over it. 

Hiring a professional wedding planner pretty much signs you up for a personal assistant that takes care of these ‘wedding constitutions’ for you. This is seriously a heaven-sent attribute when it comes to your happiness. I guarantee you, when you hire a wedding planner, you have won back insane amounts of your time and more importantly your sanity.

4) This is not a planner’s first rodeo. There is a process, organization, structure, and timeline that is proven and effective to work. This is a professional planner’s full-time job. They do this frontwards and backward in their sleep. There is no stressing over the “what if”s because they have a tried and true proven plan in place. If you have never planned a wedding before, you can get so lost in making the big decisions, that the little ones fall through the cracks. Think of it like this, a ballerina would never step on stage for the first time, at her one and only audition to Juilliard. She only gets one shot to pull it off perfectly. If she wants to be guaranteed a top spot, she would hire a personal trainer to help her condition so that when it is showtime, she flawlessly executes. Don’t step on stage for your wedding day without your personal trainer!

5) The value of the network.  A planner’s network is an arsenal of professionals who come together to form a dream team for your wedding day. These vendors are industry leaders who have proven themselves as quality, superior, candid partners who have a true passion for the art they create whether it be in photos, videos, stationery, culinary, entertainment, etc. Your wedding day is truly one of the biggest days of your life. If you have dreams to have a big blowout band performance, do you really want to test their performance and the reviews you see online at YOUR wedding? Utilizing a planner’s network is like mining for gold in a gold mine that was created just for your dream wedding. You get the best of the best. Your planner can help uplevel your overall wedding day through their network of vendors and help you find a perfect match for your wedding day’s aesthetic. Another real kicker; YOU save countless hours filtering through the umpteen vendors, double-digit numbers in consultation hours, and answering the same questions over and over, for every different category you need. You are welcome.

6) Timeline details down to the minute and second increments. This is a true science and planners are actual timeline scientists. After creating hundreds of timelines for events that never mirror one another exactly, trusting a planner to create, coordinate, adjust, and execute your timeline is genius!! Imagine yourself sitting down a month before your big day to create your timeline, while you have 101 thoughts and feelings running through your head, and thinking “okay- The ceremony starts at 4:30, the wedding party should line up at 4:15, family pictures are at 3:30, oh crap! We didn’t calculate transportation time” 

This example is just a quick half-hour segment of the timeline which would in reality include so much more detail than what is shown in the example- but the point is, when it comes to timeline creation- one wrong move and you literally are playing with a Rubix cube. Not to mention how much time this takes as you wrangle all of the parties involved who play key roles in the overall flow of the day. Your sanity (and your seamless wedding day) will thank you 1000 times over if you leave this to the timeline scientist. 

7) Leading up to the big day – Okay this one is BIG! I hear all the time from engaged couples how everything is smooth-sailing until about 45 days pre-wedding and then wedding panic sets in. It is about this time that all of your wedding vendors are beginning to engage with you on your wedding day specifics. They are looking to you for all the answers they need to spear up your wedding day flawlessly. This is when the questionnaires may start, this is when it really gets juicy with RSVP upkeep, or dare I say, the non-RSVPer upkeep, the last-minute budget decisions, the floor plan puzzles, the timeline creations, the actual nightmare dreams that take place in your sleep because you forgot to email that vendor back. All of the imperative decisions and to-dos always like to hang around each other. It is such a breath of fresh air to have a professional personal assistant to help you tackle these or even remove them completely from your agenda! When it comes to the final 45 days of pre-wedding you should be soaking in all of the wedding showers, bach parties, champagne, and final dress fittings before you turn from Ms to Mrs. 

Not to mention, when it comes to the big day itself! Who is going to be there to style all of this beautiful design, who is going to be there to send you, your wedding party, and your family down the aisle, to bring you that glass of champagne because yours is low and toasts are about to begin? Please don’t say your mom or Aunt Liz, because for heaven’s sake~ they want to see you GET MARRIED! 

I completely hear you; hiring a planner is a big investment, but trust me that in this season of life your sanity, your time, and your energy are so much more important. I know that after working a long work week, looking forward to the weekend is all you can do. You want those weekends to be filled with wedding planning FUN like tastings, dress shopping, and quality time with your fiance. NOT the work of it all. It is so important for you to enjoy this journey as it goes by in the literal blink of an eye. I would be happy to help lighten your wedding planning load and spread a little joy through your journey. Book a free chat through my calendar so we can talk about all things your wedding!