✨Wedding Design Overwhelm✨

Suffering from the complete overwhelm of all things wedding planning? Dare I say it- Don’t start planning your wedding from Pinterest!!!😳😳

So what do you do instead?!? Below are some things I do when I need a dose of inspiration for my couples!

Head to the Fresh Market – there is something about walking into a fresh market and alllll the senses that come over you! The colors, the fragrance, the texture, the display! I could sit in a fresh market all day and be fulllll of creativity!

Window Shopping- this is a term I hated as a kid because it meant we could only look and not touch! These days, walking down boutique lane to window shop has an entire new meaning. The idea behind what the storefronts are doing to draw your eye is magic! I can now appreciate just looking because I know the ideas to follow will be well worth it!

Architecture – have you ever looked at a historic building and just felt in awe by the texture, sculpting, color, history, all of the above? Buildings and architecture are a key place to find structural inspiration. I am a sucker for unusual colors, odd shapes, and definitive lines! Trust me- this is key for a gold mine of Inspo!

Home Improvement stores- I don’t know about you but when I walk into Home Depot, I feel a sense of automatic inspiration and sometimes don’t even know that it’s happening before me until I checkout $500 later. I want to spruce up my flower bed, build a new project, or flip a room in the house. There is so much room for creativity!! Take a walk down the aisles at your local department store and imagine what you could do with all of the tools that are before you.

Your favorite place to be – where do you go when you want time with yourself? Wherever that is for you- take some quiet time in that place to sit, focus, and listen to what you are drawn to. Is it the natural elements of the trees, are you drawn to a certain body of water, do you notice the serenity of being under an open sky, is reading a book more peaceful for you? Are you a coffee shop connoisseur? Sit and just be. Your creative thoughts will flourish.

I know these places often times have 0 to do with weddings but, it’s more about what YOU are drawn to and what speaks to you!! How many times have you been looking for something you need but can’t find it even thought it may be right in front of you? Yep, me too! And that’s when these places curate THE. BEST. DESIGNS. Let me know below what creative source you felt the most inspired by? I would love to see what it leads you to create!