✨The Perfect Wedding Gown Shopping Experience should be ONE OF A KIND ✨

Avoid some common anxieties of what is meant to be such a FUN experience!

1) Limit your entourage- Having the opinion of your entire bridal party, your mom, MIL, and nana in your ear all day long can easily become one of the most overwhelming parts of the day. Consider only bringing mom or your MOH to create a special experience for you both. Often times moms are a special part of our lives but are not traditionally honored as much in the wedding day ~ This serves as an intimate way to honor her

2) Do. your. research.

Just like you wouldn’t invest in a new car, computer, or furniture without giving it a fair amount of research- why not educate yourself on the style, designers, terminology, and trends of the wedding gown you will spend the best day of your life in. When you arrive at the salon and meet your stylist, they likely will ask you a series of questions that will give them an idea of what dresses to pull for your appointment. It is so helpful and puts you ahead of the game if you know what style you are considering and in general all of the different style names. More often times than not- appointments are roughly an hour long and you want to be intentional with your time and your stylist.

3) Set Appointments and Make a Schedule- If you desire an intentional experience where you are heard, guided, and served you will need to make an appointment so the bridal salon has a matched stylist to guide you. Make several appointments at different salons that fit the mold of your style and actually go to the appointments!!

Give yourself breaks in between salons so you decompress and look at photos to help you make a relaxed decision. Sometimes making a fun weekend out of it is the best way to go! P.s. Make sure you give yourself time for parking if you think you may need it!

4) Check your mindset – Leave it at the door girl! There are umpteen opinions on how you should “feel” when you go wedding gown shopping. “The one” feeling, the tears, the first shop myth, all of it- Leave it at the door and just GO and BE. Let it happen, try on all the styles, don’t be afraid to say no and give feedback on why you don’t like something, go to more than one place, speak up. This is an investment and it should be a one of a kind experience for you. Make the freaking most of it!

5)Treat yourself to a pamper sesh- I mean, it’s pretty self explanatory! Get your nails done, fix your hair, go to brunch, just have the ultimate what dreams are made of kind of day!!

This journey is something that you will always remember, so it’s up to you to make the most- set a date, grab your gal pal, and get to shoppin! It’s time to SAY YES TO THE DRESS!!!

You’re going to be a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE! I’m dying to hear all about your fun you day, so send me some love at and tell me all the goodies 🤍🤍🤍