The Big Reveal- The Brand Story of Betty Jane and Co

Today I am coming to you with the most thrilling news!!! I have been over the moon excited to share this with you all for some time now and the time is finally here!!!

Welcome to the Brand Story of Betty Jane and Co. all made possible by the ever so talented, Vicky, owner of Victoria Co Design.

When it comes to planning your dream day, often times you begin with the concepts and ideas that are most important to you, your family traditions, and those people who help lead you to that very point in your life. Weddings are an incredibly personal experience, so I always strive for my couples to have multiple elements unique to them and their families built into their wedding day to elevate the experience for the couple (and of course to tug on their heart strings a bit♥).

When Vicky and I started collaborating on where I wanted to take my brand and the story I wanted to tell, I knew I wanted it to be extremely personal as that is exactly what wedding days are meant to be. I wanted to inspire tradition, I wanted to create genuine memories for loved ones, I wanted every couple I work with to enjoy the deep passion of love and marriage – the true meaning behind their wedding day, and last but not least I knew I wanted my big red hat to come along with me wherever it was that this journey takes me!

Why the red hat you say? Well all that I mentioned above, the personal touch, the traditions, and the genuine memories are exactly what this hat means to me!!! This hat has traveled near and far and holds some of my greatest memories with some of the most special people in my life! One of those people, being my precious momma.

My mom and I have a love for vintage and antique thrifting!! Trust me, we can spend hours upon hours in these places and find the most special treasures! Years ago, and I mean years, my mom and I found this big red hat in a local antique store- perfect for the upcoming derby day we were going to partake in with our friends and family. To me, this red hat signifies the heartfelt relationship between the mother and daughter bondage, the vintage style that I personally adore, and the heirloom traditions that blossom from each and every wedding day for years to come.

Vicky, owner and lead designer of Victoria and Co Design, did an outstanding job in truly bringing my vision to reality. She heard my vision, professionally curated every intricate piece of the puzzle, and she even adopted my hat for a bit while she designed my brand story through true life inspiration. On top of that, she created more significant illustrations that were important to me in highlighting what I value most, the personal touch! I am astounded by the final result of this brand story design – I mean absolutely impeccable!

To see the full brand story reveal, dive into these photos below. AND it goes without saying, if you ever need help telling your brand story- you would be silly not to consider Victoria and Co. Design.